Tuesday, July 3, 2007

An art lesson with Avery

No, we aren't talking about cubism or impressionism. We're talking the art of manipulation.
Here is the conversation I overheard while at my sisters house.

Avery- "Mmmmm, these are reawy good chips" (Doritos)
Aunt C- "You like them?"
Avery- "Yeah, Aunt C has the best chips."
Aunt C- "Awww, that sweet."
Avery- "Mommy never buys these nummy chips." (ummm, just to interject..I DO buy them)
Aunt C- "She doesn't?"
Avery- "No, these are reawy nummy"
Aunt C- "Well, maybe you should take the bag home."
Avery- "Otay."

Yes folks, she did bring the Doritos home. And a few chocolate chip cookies and a bunny that my sister had in her garden. I'm pretty sure my sister didn't know what hit her when we were leaving. Good thing we left when we did.

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