Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cheated. My plan backfired.

When Avery was little, I made the horrific parenting flaw that all first time parents make. I encouraged mobility. I remember it clearly that I was a cheerleader and an instructor through the whole process. I also remember that first week of crawling that was so adorably cute. Then, slowly, came the realization that life would never be the same. I'd constantly have to follow behind her and say "No". I'd be vacuuming my floor every 10 minutes for fear that she'd find something.
So, when Eli came along, I (not so jokingly, but tried to make it sound jokingly) told our pediatrician that I would not be encouraging his mobility. It was with shock, awe, and disappointment that at 5 months old my boy started attempting to crawl. What is up with that?
Now, at the ripe old age of 6 months the boy is definately fully on the move. Crazy. Even with all of the encouragement, crawling lessons, and cheerleading, Avery didn't crawl until 9 months. I do NOTHING to encourage this boy to crawl and the sucker figures it out at 6 months.

Just want to make it clear that I completely understand what an amazing blessing it is that my baby has the ability to crawl. He could have come out of my womb crawling and I would have thanked God.


The Stramecki Family said...

Jill you crack me up! Our children constantly find ways to surprise us with their talents! God love that sweet little man for blowing your socks off! Any chance big sister had something to do with this? Love, Jen

mommyneedsacocktail said...

I'm feeling the old "nature vs. nurture" debate coming on. The mobility thing is killing me right now. Mine is just learning to crawl and he'll be 6 months next week. I don't remember when his brother learned but either way, it's two kids mobile at the same time. No good can come from that. lol