Monday, July 16, 2007

A real animal lover

Today, as we were heading out the door, Avery grabbed a stuffed dog. She also grabbed his cage. Then, she remembered he needed a water dish. At this point, I was so proud of my little animal lover. She's learned responsibility at this tender age. My heart swelled with love and that "I must be doing something right" feeling.

It lasted about 2 minutes. Then our live cat cried and I realized he'd been put in the dryer (not running thankfully, but probably because she can't reach the controls). That was a little buzz kill.


Lisa said...

LOL!!! Hey, wasn't there a story about her and a fish? Didn't she try to put the fish to bed? (Or am I thinking of someone else?)

Carrie said...

Oh Miss Avery!

mommyneedsacocktail said...

it is for this very reason that we have a 95 pound dog. It's for his own safety.