Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The fish is doomed.

Yep. I'm pretty sure his days are numbered and it is all my DH's fault. Grab some popcorn, sit back, relax, this might be a rather long one!

Avery has been coming to our bed in the middle of the night. Not for any reason, but to cuddle in and fall right back to sleep. DH in all of his parenting genius told Avery that if she stayed in her bed at night, he'd get her a kitty. How's that for a reward? Idiot. So, miracle of all miracles, she stayed in her bed all night that very night. Can you say master daddy manipulator? First thing she said when she woke up was, "Where's my kitty." Umm, score one for the two year old.

First thing she tells my mom when I drop her off, "Daddy is bringing me a kitty today." So, I call my DH and told him Avery fully expects a kitty. Today. Black. It darn well be a kitten and not a cat. Per the girl's specifications. Litter trained. Per the wife's order.

So, DH spends all day trying to find a kitty. A black one. Kitten, not a cat. Today. Litter trained. No luck. Comes in the door tonight and Avery runs yelling, "You got my kitty?" At which point a look of total defeat crosses my DH's face. Score two, for the two year old.

He had actually found her a black kitten. Only problem was it was stuffed. She didn't buy it. Score three, for the two year old.He expands his search to a neighboring community. Finds a kitten. Litter-trained. Black and white. Loads up Avery and off they go to see if he'll meet the requirements. I remind DH that if this kitty is up to the inspectors specifications that he needs to get food, a litter box, and litter.

They come back a bit later. Kitty in hand as well as a litterbox, food, and litter. And also cat bed, collar, and numerous cat toys. Can you say sucker? Score another one (I've lost track) for the two year old. DH had said that the kitten was "free to a good home"....umm yeah, how did that work out for you buddy?

As they walk in the door, who gets to meet the kitty first???? Mommy? Izaac? Eli? Remember what this post started out to be about? The fish. Poor guy. He's had it rough as it is and things are just starting to calm down. He hasn't needed any fish therapy in weeks. So, Avery presses poor kitty's face to the aquarium and introduces them. Now that Avery's gone to bed, I've tried to explain to the fish about a possible opening in the witness protection program, but he was too distraught.

Another Avery funny: She was showing the kitty and I all of the "tuf" her and her dad had gotten at the store. She pointed to the bed and said "sleep" and then pointed to the litter box and said "poop". I'm pretty sure the kitty understood.

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