Friday, June 1, 2007

A glimpse into his perspective

Izaac's teacher sent home a portfolio with some of his writing from this year. Here is his paragraph about a family member:

My sister is the craziest person, or at least I shink she's a person. She will attack if you sit on the floor or put you in a nelson if you sit on the couch. She never leaves me alone, sometimes she even busts in on me in the bathroom. I hope my sister is human, but still I wouldn't want to lose her.

My thoughts after reading this:
1. Who's scrapbook does this go in....Avery's or Izaac's?
2. Ummmm, buddy, that nelson thing is totally your own fault.
3. Yeah, the bathroom thing happens to me too.
4. Pretty sure she's human, but I too have had my doubts.
5. I wouldn't want to lose her either....or him!Stay tuned for the next installment of Izaac's writing...he's WAY funnier than I am!

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