Thursday, June 21, 2007

Quite the little "helper"

I hope you folks are up for another one of these!

So, as if yesterday's gag inducing (hey...I'm weak) poop event wasn't enough, Avery trumped me today.

The words, "Mommy, I changed Eli's diaper" should not elict sounds of "Awwww" or "What a sweetie". Your first thought should be, "Aww Crap!" (no pun intended).

When faced with circumstances such as this, it is best to immediately survey the damage (and my, was there damage). Eli was in the pack-n-play. Which, if you are unaware, has to be THE hardest possible piece of baby gear to clean. I'm not sure words could adequately express how horrific a sight I encountered. I'm sorry to say the first thing that popped into my mind was, "Now THIS is a Kodak moment!". It was much closer to...."Yikes, get that out of his hand before he eats it."

I'm lucky I didn't vomit. I'm pretty sure the only thing that prevented that from happening was the thought that it would just be one more thing I had to clean up and I was already at capacity.

And, FYI...After bathing the boy (no I didn't use Clorox...but I was tempted), I put the pack N play in a trash bag and took it to the carwash. Nothing a little high pressured water didn't take care off (okay, yeah, I'm still a tad freaked out by the thing, but I'm trying to think positive).

I'm certainly hoping that's the end of poop stories for a I am sure you are too!

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