Sunday, June 24, 2007

You got to love it...

Sorry folks, I'm feeling kind of sappy today so bear with me. I just have to say that T is the best daddy in the world. Right now he is re-laying our brick patio (not sure why...when he talks landscaping, I just hear "wah, wah, wah wah wah, wah wah"). However, he encourages Avery's "help" (that term is very, very generous). Instead of getting her out of the way and just getting the job done, he wants it to be their project together. I just love it! All too often, I feel, that little girls get pushed to the side while daddy's do "manly" tasks. I love that T engages Avery and encourages her along the way.
On T's way home from work there is one of those billboards that says, "Have you been a father today?" T always tells me how sad it makes him that some dads need a billboard. Even with a billboard...some dads just don't get it.
So, how has your man (or you...if you are a dad) been a father today?

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Val said...

I agree with T...sad that some men need a billboard to remind them of the precious gifts they've been granted in their children. I love seeing my boys with their daddy...learning and bonding! Last week, M and #1 worked on painting the top of our school table in chalkboard paint together and loved every minute of it. Once a month they have a "father/son" lunch that is just for them...I love those bittersweet, proud moments where I know my boys are pulling away from me to become more like the man their father is. Okay, now I'm all weepy too! :D WTG, T for putting memories in Avery that will stay with her for a lifetime...and if the saying stays true - that little girls marry men like their father, Avery will be blessed to find a husband as wonderful as her Daddy! :)