Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You might call it progress

Potty training. Argh. If kids came potty trained, I fear the overpopulation problem would be far, far worse.

Today, little Avery decided it would be a diaper free day. She was wearing an adorable green dress. At one point as I'm busy entertaining Eli, she ran off to "go potty". Well, that just made every bit of the mommy in me burst with joy.

The "Uh Oh" came a bit later. I'm not sure if there are more terrifying words in the English language, but I know those two are high, high upon the list. I figured she didn't make it. Had that been the problem, I should have considered myself lucky.

Knowing to pulling up one's dress is apparently a learned activity. A very vital part of potting training that I neglected to teach. And, while very proud that my daughter finally pooped on the potty, she didn't poop into the potty.

The mess created was of near epic porportions. Greatly compounded by the fact that the only way to remove the dress was over the head.

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CWells said...

Wish I could get my 2 year old interested in pooping in the potty. But then again - maybe not :)