Wednesday, June 27, 2007

NOW, I remember why.

Do you ever have the moments why you wonder why you do something? Then, you think about it and realize maybe you do it that way because that is how you've always done it. Maybe this time it would be okay to change things up a bit. It happened to me today.

I decided that I'd go to the bathroom and *gasp* shut the door behind me. What a glorious minute and a half of privacy and freedom that was! It was nice to not be given a play by play of my movements or answer questions like "You poopin' mommy? Is it a big poop?" It was quiet, peaceful, and serene.

Then, this poor little face that greeted me was the reminder on why I rarely go to the bathroom by myself and by all means don't shut the door if I do.

Poor kid. And the culprit was caught "green handed" and very, very proud of herself.


Anonymous said...

So, I'm dying to know: what was Avery Jade's commentary on this? Did she offer up a story or reason for the Picassoish makeover?

AmyLouise from SG

Val said...

Don't you love that running dialog regarding your bathroom habits?! My crew is practically offended these days when I actually lock the door (or risk getting questions regarding "mama's owie" during this post-partum time)...if they can't be in the bathroom with me, they have to know everything I'm doing in there! Avery is quite the artist...the walls, her brother...dare I ask what's next?! ;)

Brie said...

The cat is next Val! LOL

Where did she find the marker ~ I thought those were banned from your house after she repainted her room?!

Lisa said...

Ahahaha! (Now, see, I can laugh because it isn't my kid with green marker all over his face! LOL!)