Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What was I thinking???

I once heard a saying along these lines, "A day at the beach with children is just a change of scenery...not a day at the beach." Yep, that parent must have had kids just like mine. I haven't been brave enough to take my tribe to the beach...I was just trying to enjoy a day at my parent's pool.

The first issue arose when it took over twenty minutes to get things set up while two little ones screamed from their carseats. I wanted to have the pack and play set up to be able to put Eli in, get the rope up between the deep end and the shallow end, and make sure there wasn't anything laying around the kids shouldn't have. You would have thought they were never fed or something, they yelled so loud.

Then, I unload them and I'm trying to wrestle them into swim diapers. Mistake number one was putting Avery's on first because she was ready to jump in that second. So, I'm trying to hold her with one arm and change the wiggly worm with one. Then I discover the little surprise in his diaper. Nice. So, I close it up and drag both kids (screaming and kicking (only one....but the big one)) to the car for wet wipes. Finally get the swim diapers on and we are set to go.

Then between holding, worrying, feeding, and tantrums I didn't enjoy myself a bit. Not a second. Someone was crying 86% of the time (only about 2% attributal to me).

So, when Avery tells me tonight that, "Swimming was fun, let's go tomorrow!" I just had to chuckle.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking? Thinking!? I'm nearly certain that when we have kids a small part of our brains leave us; a small part with every child. Sad to say, I'm also nearly certain that it is the "thinking" part.
Are you sure, Mom, that you don't want to go back tomorrow? Maybe it will be different a second time? (Ha! Right! But, somehow, I always seem to convince myself that "this time" will be different. Must be the optimist in me."