Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My baby has a problem

Hello there blog readers (if I have any blog readers). If you do happen to read this, shoot me a comment or something.

I'm not sure you realize it or not, but Avery is not my only child. She says by far the funniest stuff at this point, but there are two other children that I'm doing a pretty decent job of screwing up.

Eli is nearing 6 months old. He's got a problem. It's been a problem his whole baby life. It's his cheeks. They are big cheeks. My sister calls them jowls (like on a dog) because they hang off of his face from time to time.

Poor baby can't smile very long because those suckers are heavy. Worst of all, they are about the most kissable thing I've ever, ever seen. Pure kissing bliss. Don't you just want to smoosh your lips against these suckers???


Melody said...

But he's sooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Very kissie!

AmyLouise from SG

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading all of the blog. I love it!

Eli is very kissable and I love Avery and her new kitty! You think Avery is funny, just wait. Little black and white tuxedo kitty's are crazy!!

Enjoy every moment.

LindaC from SG

Anonymous said...

Those cheeks fit him just right. No need to change a thing.

Rusty from SG (Andrea)

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest cheeks I've seen! Very kissable amd very pinchable :)

Anonymous said...

Oops I forgot to put my name on the above post

Ashley from SG