Monday, June 18, 2007

She needs her brother back...

FYI, for those not aware, Izaac is in Florida visiting his bio-mom for his summer visitation.
Avery needs him back. More acurately, Thomas (the kitty) needs Izaac back. Avery has appointed Thomas to fill Izaac's very big shoes.
Just now, it was a game of tag. Apparently, Thomas was supposed to be "it". Avery says, "Tag me." When the poor kitty didn't listen, Avery did what most 2 y.o.s would do....tell him louder. And then louder. And louder. And louder. Then she tattled on him.
Since tag didn't work, she moved on to hide and seek. Thomas failed both the hiding and seeking portions of the test. The not seeking really threw her in a tissy. Now she isn't talking to Thomas.
And I think Thomas is quite happy with that arrangement!

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Lisa said...

Poor kitty!!! Love your blog, Jill!!!