Friday, June 22, 2007

Memories are made of this

Today, my sister and I took our kids to a drive-thru wildlife “safari”. Now pretty much anytime you take six kids somewhere, there is a decent chance something memorable will happen.

We get there and while we are in line to start our drive through the park, we allowed the kids to get out of their seats and come up to the front (we went less than 5 mph the whole time). This allowed them the opportunity to feed the animals. Sounds cool, right? And considering I coughed up $6 for a 2 lb bag of carrots, I wanted them to get the full experience.

This kind looking gentleman was our first customer…We called him Luey.

The kids blew about a pound and a half of carrots on him and so we had to roll up our windows to escape him, but he continued to follow us our entire drive. He’d “attack” us from behind and all the sudden there he’d be with his head in my lap. The first time this happened was the point that my darling decided she was done with the festivities of the day and assumed this position for the rest of our adventure:

This next portion of our adventure, definitely elicited the most giggles. Check out the tongue on that sucker. It will also be the reason that tomorrow I am steam cleaning the car. You can’t be sticking your tongue out like that and not dribbling saliva. Ack.

Of the six kids in the car, four of them were screaming when this guy stuck his head in to say howdy. This would be the point when my windows malfunctioned and would not roll up. To say it wasn’t pretty, is putting it nicely. Can you imagine four screaming kids (Avery included), this not entirely friendly fellow, and a window that will not go up. Ahhh…the kids will remember that for sometime.

But in the end…even through the screaming kids, buffalo head in my van, $6 carrots, giraffe saliva, and the sneak attacks by Luey this is how I’ll remember the day. This picture was at the small petting zoo they also had to visit. This folks is what it is all about:

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Lisa said...

Okay, dd and I are hysterically laughing, Jill!!!!! That was awesome!